Pre-Prep at Tiny Town

The year before prep is an important one in any child’s development. At Tiny Town we focus on a programme that gives them the best preparation, developing their independence and skills required for school readiness.

At Tiny Town we believe that children learn best through play. We provide children with many opportunities to engage in self-initiated and interest driven experiences. Children learn best when they construct their own personal understanding and then reflect upon this understanding.

Focused learning and teaching is important in early childhood classrooms. At Tiny Town, focused learning and teaching may present itself as ‘teachable moments’. This could be a child struggling to hold and cut with scissors, and a teacher then assisting them by correcting grip and supporting them to develop this important skill. It also provides opportunities for the teacher to plan real-life experiences, including cooking, participating in cultural activities like NAIDOC week, and planning visits from community helpers such as the Police and Fire Service.

We value the positive relationships we develop with families, and encourage families to participate in our Kindergarten Programme. By developing and maintaining these relationships we can strengthen and support children’s growth and learning. We share information with families about the Kindergarten programme, upcoming events and their child’s progress through:

  • Conversations with parent at the end of the day
  • KindyPortal® –activities, areas of interests we are exploring and skills we are working on
  • Emails
  • Newsletters
  • Special Days - Welcome events, Information nights, Mother’s day, Grandparents day, Father’s night etc…


Friday 2nd 5:30pm - Family Welcome Event. Pizza, entertainment and refreshments provided.

Tuesday 27th & Thursday 29th - Easter Morning Tea - Please bring a plate to share (savory options are welcome).

Friday 30th - Good Friday - Centre Closed.


Monday 2nd - Easter Monday - Centre Closed.

Wednesday 25th - ANZAC Day - Centre Closed.