Programme at Tiny Town

At Tiny Town Child Care and Kindergarten we run an approved Kindergarten Programme, which follows the QSA Kindergarten Guidelines.

Tiny Town embraces the national guidelines laid out in the Early Years Learning Framework, to ensure “all children experience learning that is engaging and builds success for life”. The concepts of belonging, being and becoming are fundamental to the framework and these concepts are integral to our programme.

We ensure:

  • Children are encouraged to develop meaningful relationships with others (Belonging)
  • Children are accepted for who they are (Being)
  • Children are provided with experiences to develop the mind, body and spirit (Becoming)

Our programme is play-based to enable children to organise and make sense of their world, as they actively engage with people, activities and experiences that are meaningful to them.

We support mutual respect and an open exchange of information between parents, staff and management.  By sharing information we can work together to provide an environment that strengthens and supports children’s growth and learning. Families are encouraged to participate in the programme and contribute their ideas and insights.

Message From Our Director

"Thank you for your interest in Tiny Town. We believe that it is a very special place for children and families. As a community-based not-for-profit centre, we are truly able to put children first. This means that we can provide a high quality educational and care service with experienced and qualified staff...." 


Friday 2nd 5:30pm - Family Welcome Event. Pizza, entertainment and refreshments provided.

Tuesday 27th & Thursday 29th - Easter Morning Tea - Please bring a plate to share (savory options are welcome).

Friday 30th - Good Friday - Centre Closed.


Monday 2nd - Easter Monday - Centre Closed.

Wednesday 25th - ANZAC Day - Centre Closed.