Creating big futures for little people since 1974

Age-appropriate Play & Learning

Child Care & Kindergarten

At Tiny Town we provide quality, age-appropriate play-based educational programs underpinned by Christian values. Our curriculum incorporates the Australian Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) for Pre-Kindy children (ages 2 to 3½ years), and the QLD Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines for the Kindergarten Program for children aged 3½ years and up.

Our programs are designed to:

  • Provide flexible child-centred programs of excellence that support the development of the whole child and provide experiences for different learning styles.
  • Leverage the importance of play – especially child-initiated play – that offers children opportunities for discovery and inquiry, fosters a positive disposition for learning and consolidates skills in key learning areas.
  • Respond to the interests and needs of the children.
  • Foster children’s social interactions, as relationships are an important part of their learning. To this end, we use reassurance and encouragement to strengthen and build children’s sense of social, emotional and spiritual well-being, to understand and respect the rights and feelings of others and to develop an understanding of kindness and empathy.