Creating big futures for little people since 1974

Our Philosophy

At Tiny Town Child Care Centre & Kindergarten…

We believe Early Childhood Education forms a critical foundation for developing skills needed for life. Our goal is to create a stimulating, nurturing and challenging learning environment where children can develop to their full potential, with a sense of belonging, positive self-esteem, wellness and a loving heart.

As such our philosophy embraces four main elements:

Our Faith

We promote Christian ideals of love, forgiveness, respecting and serving others, equality, inclusiveness and care for the environment. Learn more about our Christian ideals.

Our Children

We respect and accept the individuality of children and their right to an environment that is free from discrimination and bias.

We encourage understanding, resilience, independence and a sense of belonging to promote open, respectful and reciprocal relationships with others.

We believe children are capable and resourceful learners who actively contribute, initiate and explore their interests.

Our Families

We promote mutual respect and open exchange of information between parents, staff and management, working together to provide an environment that strengthens and supports our children’s growth and learning.

We encourage our families to engage in meaningful participation in the centre. This will give parents a greater insight into the running of our centre and enable our organisation to benefit from the experiences, skills and passions they bring.

Our Community

We recognise and respect the traditional owners of the land being the Turrbal and Jagera tribal nations and their culture.

We acknowledge the uniqueness and diversity that each family brings to our Centre.

We celebrate the benefits of diversity, connecting and interacting with children, families and members of the community across cultures, to promote cultural competence and understanding, acceptance, support and celebration of each other.