For Children 2 to 3½ years

Tiny Town Child Care and Kindergarten in Enoggera is a wonderful place for young children to make friends, have fun and learn skills that will help them through all their future schooling.

Each day we support 24 children who are educated and nurtured by experienced and qualified educators in a caring environment.

We welcome children from 2 years of age onwards. The day includes a mix of age-specific and multi-age activities and groupings with our kindergarten-aged children, as we seek to develop each child’s self-esteem, self-reliance and competence.

Every child is supported to develop at their own pace through a variety of rich, play-based experiences that challenge and engage them, leading to meaningful learning opportunities.

Our early childhood program ustilises the emergent curriculum approach, and is mapped to the nationally recommended Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). This encourages experiences based on the interests of the children, enhancing their learning while providing a sense of belonging and accomplishment.

The children spend time indoors and outdoors each day. Our interactive playground has been transformed in February 2019 to offer more natural elements including a creek and vegetable patch.  The children also have a quiet or rest time each afternoon after lunch.

Well-rounded Childcare

During their time at our Enoggera Child Care Centre children are:

  • Inspired to embrace a learning mindset as natural way of being.
  • Supported to become more confident with talking, sharing, taking turns, making friends and generally becoming more self-assured.
  • Introduced to the world of formal learning through basic literacy and numeracy concepts.
  • Encouraged to become more independent and given opportunities to make choices and participate as individual thinkers.
  • Shown the importance of routines and self-help skills such as toilet training, helping to pack things away and looking after their belongings.

We do all of this in an environment where each child’s social and cultural background is respected and valued and in fact adds to the magic of our time together.