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Our programs

Expressive drawing child care program Enoggera

Expressive Drawing

We recognise drawing as an important medium through which children find creative ways to communicate, express ideas and develop their fine motor skills.

Tiny Town Siblings

Mixed-Age Learning

Our small child care and kindergarten allows siblings of different ages to play together, thereby maintaining familial connections, and offering additional learning benefits.

Emergent Literacy in Kindergarten

Emergent Literacy

Language and literacy are a part of daily life, being meaningfully embedded into the environment and curriculum.

Bush Kinder Enoggera Child Care

Bush Kinder

Nature play initiatives are increasingly recognised as beneficial to the development of young children, physically, mentally and emotionally.

A child care that feels like a home away from home

No-Clock Pedagogy

We respond to the children’s mood and temperaments throughout the day rather than adhering to strict schedules that interrupt play.

Adventurous Risk Play at Tiny Town Enoggera Kindergarten

Adventurous Play

Opportunities for challenging climbing, movement and adventurous play are embedded in our curriculum.

Self directed Construction Play

Construction Play

We setup our environment with lots of resources to encourage our children to build and design to their own imagination.